Real Customer Testimonials


Here are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received from our customers:


I tested out this service on 2 of my sites and noticed gains within a few days in the SERPs. Quick service, great contact, and will be using again!




J Garside


Just wanted to post a quick review here…I am an SEO guy myself and I view these offers with some skepticism, preferring to think that only I can do the work properly 🙂


I was very surprised with both the customer service and the results.  The communication with Graham was awesome – I always knew what was going on and was not left wondering  what was happening.


The results?  A new page on an established site went from nowhere to bottom of page 1 in 2 weeks.   I have every reason to expect that it will climb further as Google finds more of the links that were built.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.  I should also note that I actually paid for the work done – this is not a review copy (and therefore not skewed).


Great work Graham.


Ty Erickson


Graham is an absolute pleasure to deal with, world class customer service and support. He kept me updated the whole way through the campaign, which was executed very well.


As for results, I chose a ridiculously competitive keyword and saw some movement within a short period of time which is very encouraging.


I expect to see even more movement as time passes, and am very pleased with the service so far.


Would highly recommend doing business with Graham!




Graham’s service have definitely exceeded my expectations!  Before starting his services I was on page two for my targeted keyword and before his services were complete I was on the first page!  I cannot wait to see how far I will climb once all of his marketing efforts take full effect. 


Graham was highly professional during all of our interactions and he communicated quickly whenever I had any questions.  I highly recommend his services.  A++!


Phil Buckhorn


I purchased a monthly service of this wso a few days ago and provided all my details to sledge to get him started. Having an SEO knowledge myself, I knew that this service will work and it came true to my expectations.


Waseem Dar


Hey Graham, just wanted to drop in and thank you for helping me so much with my sites. One of them is already hit page one and the other one is well on it’s way. I’m really glad I found your services here.


Funny thing is I’ve been trying to break out of page two for one of the two sites I gave you with no success. I’m not sure what you guys did but BAM! I’m on page one.




Will be placing another order this week for another one of my sites which is not doing so great! Oh, one more thing. I really appreciate the personalized attention you gave me. Not many marketers take the time to speak with you over Skype let alone the phone. For me that’s what has earned you my business along with the great results you produced for me.


Thanks again!


R. Guthrie


Hi Graham,


I would just like to say a big thank you for the really positive results we have had after placing an order a couple of weeks ago. A number of our keywords have shot up the rankings in google.


I will today be ordering another seo service for another site we would like to boost.


Thanks again for the results you have achieved and for the regular updates you sent me when each part of the service was complete….apologies for the time it took me to respond at times, we have been busy.


Kind Regards,


Huw Rees


Hey Graham


Another update for people to see is the latest site you just finished work on. Its a mega hard keyword in the ‘claims’ industry and the sites been sat at pos 9 page 1 for months…well just checked and its gone up to 4 now so we are half way there! Excellent work pal.


Jamie Moore


As a real newbie, I want to thank Graham for a great service.  I went with the Mega deal because I was dealing with a competitive keyword.  Graham has been kind enough to provide his insight on numerous occasions in our discussion.  He has been very responsive to my questions.  He has provided complete reports and analysis on a regular basis.


In the past the 3 weeks the site has moved to #7 (out of 1,000,000 ) for phrase match and #11 (out of 630,000,000) in general.


It is however his insight and willing to work with the client what I most respect about his efforts.


This is not a cookie cutter approach but someone who will deal with you as a business partner.


Gets my highest recommendation!


Bill Atterbery


I bought the monthly service from Graham for my photography website. I was on page one of Google for several competitive keywords but as everyone knows moving up page 1 of Google is harder than getting there in the first place.


Well after only a few weeks I am now number 1 on Google for both the keywords that Graham has been working on for me and my traffic has increased dramatically.


Most importantly Graham is really easy to work with, all I do is sit back and he sends me reports eevrytime he has carried out some work for my website.


It’s a real pleasure to work with someone who just gets on with their job, quickly and efficiently and delivers more than promised.


I will be working with Graham for a very long time to come.



David Fleet


I cannot say enough about Graham’s service, absolutely superb!  I had 1 keyword that was in position 200 and in less than 30 days in now number 3 in Google, and another that is now #1!  Graham is also very good at communicating the status of your order, what’s been done, reporting etc.  I will be using his service for a long time to come.  Thanks Graham! 😀


Jean Young


I have been using Graham’s monthly service for almost 2 months now, on a website that is 2 months old, and I wanted to leave a review as I know how important reviews are for helping people to make more informed decisions.


Before trying Graham’s services, I had tried out several other services on some of my other websites, but never achieved great results. In some cases, I got good results, in other cases, the services were a waste of time and failed to deliver, but I never got great results.


Tired of being misled, misguided, misinformed, when I came across Graham’s services, I decided I wanted to try them out on a brand new website I was creating from scratch. Before I started with Graham, I spoke to him over Skype, explained more about the niches I was operating in, and he explained his services to me and how they could help. He was also very realistic about timescales in seeing solid movement in the serps.


To be honest, Graham was a breath of fresh air for me, as he answered all of my questions, explained the process so well to me, and gave me some pointers on what I should be doing.


I signed up for the monthly subscription as I wanted to outsource the link building so that I could free up my time to create top quality content for my website. I deliberately chose the top keyword I wanted to rank for, as I wanted to see what the outcome would be.


The two things that make Graham’s service stand out from the crowd are, the regular reports detailing the exact work that was carried out, along with a list of links for checking, and the most important thing, the RESULTS!


After almost 2 months of Graham’s service, my 2 month old website is on page 1 of Google for the top keyword AND it has started making sales! What a way to start the New Year!!


Of course, I know that my role, the content and layout of the site are important, and I have to do my bit to help the process, but the fact that Graham’s services are so powerful is the key to success.


The other important factor is that Graham is wonderful to work with. He is patient, understanding and extremely helpful.


A massive thank you Graham! You achieved what others failed to achieve and I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship for 2012!


I could not have wished for a better start to 2012! Thank you for making that wish a reality!


Mary Ruddy


Brilliant service offered by Graham and yes…I have become another of his repeat customers. Was targeting some keywords and been really impressed with the results from all orders so far major upward movement.


This is after all the recent updates and all!!